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  • Why book directly with Wellies? (直接ウエリーズに予約を入れるのはなぜですか?)
    Simply put, we are a small hotel and it helps us. Additionally, we often offer a small discount to guests who book direct - so we can both benefit. Give us the discount code when you check in, and we will give you a 5% discount from your booking price. 簡単に言うと、私共は小さなホテルですので、直接予約をしていただけると助かります。直接予約してくださった方には、ディスカウントさせていただきますので、お互いに恩恵があります。チェックイン時にディスカウントコードをいただければ、予約時のお値段から5%のディスカウントをさせていただきます。
  • Can you pick us up from the train station?
    ​ We do our best to pick you up as a complimentary service from Naka-Karuizawa Station (SOUTH exit), but usually not from JR station. We may not be able to pick you up after 6 pm as we may be busy with dinners. Our cars are easy to spot in their Wellies livery. We are a pleasant seven-minute walk from Naka-Karuizawa Station.
  • Do you have a car park?
    Yes, lots of free parking. Please check our location on Google Maps, especially for the last 300 m or so, as some on-board car navigation systems will mis-direct you! (Not our fault - honest, Guv!)
  • What about kids and pets?
    Children three years or older are most welcome. Sorry, kids are not free. Regrettably pets are not allowed in guest rooms – however, your pet can stay in your car or our garage – we try to be flexible – Please ask!
  • I am a solo traveler, do you have any special deals for me?"
    Yes, we have three double rooms which we offer to solo travelers during off-peak periods at a discount. Feel free to contact us directly if you cannot find what you are looking for on our booking service. We are popular with solo female travelers. We are not primarily a business hotel, but if you are here on business, please stay with us and relax after work - we recommend the lounge or bar for a drink.
  • Your hotel looks nice, but we don`t speak English. Will we be OK?"
    Yes! And if you've got this far on this page -absolutely! Our staff are a mix of foreigners (who speak Japanese) and Japanese. You can speak Japanese all the time or have fun trying English – it's entirely up to you! If you specifically want to speak English, let us know. We're happy to oblige!
  • Trying to speak English in a British hotel sounds fun - do you have any English conversation classes for adults or kids?
    Yes - and with native English speakers! Please contact us ahead of time – the class is usually from 2~3 pm, so you can check in early (we recommend 1.30 pm). The class can accommodate from two to six students at a cost of ¥3,000 per person. We suggest you also have breakfast and dinner with us so you can continue to practice. Kids will also find English is fun!
  • Do you serve breakfast or dinner?  What about Room Service?
    Yes! Please try our traditional British breakfast (¥1,500) and remember to tell us at check-in if you have not already decided beforehand. We usually serve breakfast from 8~9 am. You can also enjoy our four-course London-style dinner (¥3,800) if booked at least one day before (our dishes take time ot prepare). The main course is usually our signature Beef Stew & Yorkshire puddings. If you are staying more than one night, the alternative is usually our "proper" Fish & Chips. We usually serve dinner starting between 6 and 7 pm. We also have a concise A La Carte menu. We do not officially provide Room Service, but we as a small hotel, we are flexible. We do not serve lunch, however we are delighted to recommend a selection of wonderful spots in Karuizawa for you to eat at.
  • What time is check-in?
    You can offload your bags or park your car at any time. Check-in is officially 3 pm, but it is usually OK from 1 pm - Please ask! (Before 1 pm, we ask for a supplement of ¥1,000 per hour per person). After check-in, you will be served a welcome cup of tea.
  • What time is check-out?
    Check-out is 10 am, and it is difficult for us to be flexible as we have to prepare the rooms for the next guests.
  • Do you have a bar?
    ​ ​ Yes! Please use it, we love meeting interesting guests. We close at 11 pm, we open …… when you want a drink! We have wonderful range of beverages including house cocktails, British beers, wines, whiskies, mocktails - and more.
  • Do you have a lift?
    ​ ​Sorry, we do not. All the guest rooms are on the 2nd floor – but the stairs are not steep, and there is a hand rail. We will - of course - help with your bags.
  • We see you have a pet dog. Our family are scared of dogs. Will we be OK?
    ​ ​Freddie is a super friendly and gentle Standard Poodle - even those who are initially scared usually get “converted” into "Freddie lovers" by him. If you truly can`t handle dogs, please let us know and we will make accommodations. We also have chickens in our coop outside, who are super sweet and produce some of our eggs!
  • Does the booking price include all fees and taxes? Which credit cards do you accept?
    Yes, meals may be extra if you did not specify at the time of booking. We accept Visa and Mastercard.
  • We are attending a wedding. Are you close to the Hoshino and Bleston Court area?
    Yes, we are a mere five-minute drive away, and we can usually drive you there. We are also only five minutes from the Ariake Tei wedding venue.
  • Is Wellies a romantic hotel and good for special occasions?
    Absolutely - and there have been quite a few proposals! We also offer a birthday / special occasion package of a cake with a message, flowers and sparkling wine (¥6,000). All types of couples come and stay and are made most welcome.
  • How much does it cost to stay at Wellies?
    It depends on the season, but from about ¥8,000 (low season) to Y20,000 (high) per person. We are not a budget hotel, but always strive to offer really good value and an excellent experience. If you are a large group, please contact us directly and we might be able to offer some discount from our tariff.
  • Can we rent bicycles from you?
    Yes. We have adult bicycles - both electric (¥1,500 per day) and standard (¥1,000 per day). Please book ahead during busy times and sign our disclaimer agreement. If you have not cycled in Japan before, remember not to go on major roads, but stick to the pavement / sidewalk.
  • How far is Wellies from the attractions?
    Karuizawa is quite spread out. It is better to think of it as an area rather than a town. We suggest coming by car or renting a car near the JR Station, or using our bicycles. There are also bus routes. Taxis can get quite expensive. All the following are approximate times by car assuming regular traffic: Naka-Karuizawa station: 2 minutes JR Karuizawa / Prince outlet shopping mall: 7 minutes Hoshino area: 4 minutes Kumobaike pond: 5 minutes Kyu-Karuizawa: 7 minutes Prince Ski Resort: 10 minutes Shiozawa-ko lake: 10 minutes Kazakoshi sports complex: 11 minutes Oikwake juku: 10 minutes Hochi-ichiba Farmers Market: 12 minutes Lake New Town Gardens: 15 minutes Shiraito-no-taki (Ribbon waterfalls): 25 minutes
  • What are the seasons like in Karuizawa?
    We are blessed with four and a half lovely seasons! The winters are cold, but generally with crisp blue skies. Many come to ski (Prince Ski Resort is only 10 minutes away), show-shoe walk (book a tour with us), soak in the hot springs, or take a day trip to see the world-renowned Snow Monkeys. Bring a nice warm jacket and sensible winter clothing! Spring starts around late April and continues through June. The flowers are wonderful and the leaves are an almost irridescent green. The Japanese call this "wakaba". Late June and the first half of July can be a bit rainy - but unlike most of Japan, it is cool, pleasant and not so humid. The perfect time to escape to Karuizawa! Late July through August is summer. Tokyoites flock to Karuizawa to escape the stifling heat of the plains to stay in hotels and in their second homes. This is peak season, traffic can be bad and restaurants crowded. The weather is still quite warm through September with the autumn leaves turning around the last week of October and the first week of November ..... think Vermont in Asia.
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