The hotel has views of Mount Asama and is located within a short drive – or leisurely bike ride – of most of the Karuizawa attractions. ホテルからは季節ごとに表情を変える浅間山を眺める事ができ、軽井沢の観光スポットを、車や自転車で回るのに大変便利です。最寄りのバス停までは徒歩で4〜5分。温泉、ハルニレテラス、ブレストンコートホテル等の施設がある星野エリアまでもわずか車で5分程です。
 Chris, owner of Wellies, first arrived from the UK in 1984, since then he and his wife Noriko have lived in Kobe, Tokyo, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong and London before settling in the heart of beautiful Karuizawa to open Wellies in early 2013. 
Why “Wellies”? …. The Duke of Wellington (1769~1852), a renowned British General and two-time Prime Minister, was fed up with getting his feet wet while battling Napoleon’s armies. He commissioned his personal shoemaker to design a new long boot that became known as Wellington boots, or “Wellies” for short. These evolved from their military origins into fun and colourful footwear – at the same time quintessentially English yet eminently practical. They are now stylishly worn on London’s King’s Road, 5th Avenue and other fashionista haunts like Daikanyama and Omotesando. Wellies are equally at home when worn practically on rougher terrains such as Peter Rabbit’s Lake District or down on the farm and of course in Karuizawa, where style and practicality come together.
英国首相を二度務めた、かの有名なウェリントン公爵 (1769~1852) は、ナポレオン率いるフランス軍と戦う中、足が濡れる事に嫌気がさして、専属の靴屋に今までに無い長靴をデザインさせました。これが後にウェリントンブーツとして有名になり、「ウェリーズ」と呼ばれて親しまれるようになったのです。 今ではスローンレンジャーやニューヨーカーたちが通うおしゃれな場所、日本でいう代官山や表参道でもはかれるようになりました。同時に、ピーターラビットの湖水地方のようなじめじめした地域の田舎や農園でもはかれています―もちろん、実用的でスタイリッシュなウェリーズは軽井沢にもぴったりです。

"Chris and Noriko were such warm and friendly hosts, not only to us but to all their other guests. They were so full of humour which made our stay a totally delightful one." -Tokyoites, August 2015

"I have spent my 12 years or so looking for all things British in Japan and probably never found a better or more enjoyable example than Wellies in Karuizawa." -Richard M, July 2015